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Here is a page of some of the questions people might ask. In order to make it easy on you I've placed some of the answers right here:

Q: So what type of work are you seeking?
A: Customer services, Computers/Tech, Food Services

Q: What are your strongest points?
A: People, Computers, research

Q: What was your favorite job and what did you like about it?

Q: What type of things do you enjoy doing outside of work?
A: Working out in gym class, Computers, online, chatting /IMing, Photography, Going to local events and shows, Movies, Shopping, Meeting new people, Spending time with Family and Friends

Q: Overall, what type of person is Stephen Holland?
A: Smart, Happy, loving, caring, outgoing and genres person, A person who stays on top of things and gets things done.

Please have a look at my resume!

Resumé - Tech Resumé - Photography

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